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Our candles are all handmade using high quality, natural blended wax and infused with the best fragrance oils on the market. But best of all, all our candles are made with a wooden wick so give off our signature crackle sound. We wanted to do something different, and with our wooden wick, highly scented and colourful range, we think we have achieved it.

From melting and pouring to cleaning and packaging, everything is done to a meticulous high standard, to ensure that the high quality that our customers have come to expect is present in every single candle. We also produce them in small batches of 5, to ensure that the scent is fully infused throughout, creating a great smelling candle from first light to last crackle. 

Join the candle revolution. 

Sight.     Smell.     Sound.

A* Customer Service

At The Wooden Wick Candle Company, we pride ourselves in offering A* customer service to every single individual that scrolls through our pages or walks through our doors. As a small, family run business, we understand that a good shopping experience is just as important as a high quality candle. If you do have any queries or would like to ask any questions about our range of products, please do not hesitate to get in touch using the details on our contact page.