Free UK Delivery on all orders over £75.00

Delivery Charges

We want to be completely transparent with all our delivery charges so you know exactly what you are paying for. Below we have outlined the general process of each order and explained what is included within the delivery price. Please note that we do not include any costs for packaging as we try to keep the costs as low as possible for the customer whilst maintaining an efficient service. 

We currently use MyHermes courier service to deliver our candles. We have used this company from the very first order we ever produced and so far, they have worked well for us, delivering every single online order since. 

When your order comes in, we will book a collection slot with MyHermes to collect the next working day. At the moment, MyHermes are able to collect 6 days a week, with Sunday currently unavailable. As long as we are able to book a slot by 4.30pm, they are able to come the next working day. 

At this point, we are given a tracking number. This number is emailed to you by both MyHermes and ourselves, enabling you to keep a track of your order from collection through to delivery. 

MyHermes do offer a basic service, but to ensure that we are offering the best delivery service possible, we opt to receive a signature on each delivery. This way, it ensures that the MyHermes delivery driver will make up to 3 attempts at delivery, and will also allow us to fully track your order. 

The main thing to remember, is that courier services are mostly weight based, and our candles aren't the lightest product on the market - something we are proud of, ensuring that we are offering the best quality possible. 

To offer you some guidance, please see the below information showing you in advance of an order, how much delivery is likely to cost. Please note that this information is only applicable to UK orders and includes VAT. 

1-2 candles          £4.09 delivery cost
3 candles             £5.29 delivery cost
4-7 candles          £7.59 delivery cost
8-15 candles        £10.19 delivery cost
16 candles +        £12.97 delivery cost