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Jasmine & Patchouli 30cl Wooden Wick Candle


What we should say....

An intense heady floral with an almost narcotic edge. Top notes of Indian jasmine and heady lily of the valley, lead into an alluring heart of sweet intoxicating geranium, all encased in a base of sultry rich patchouli oil.

What we really mean...
There's something missing! You've been nagging the other half for ages about putting up the new curtains in the living room that you bought on a whim 6 months ago. Over that time, you've ended up redecorating the entire room around these amazing new curtains but now that they're up, there is something missing. 

New Artistic canvas above the fireplace - tick
New centre piece for the coffee table - tick
Secretly overspent on the centre piece for the coffee table - tick
But you can't put your finger on it. 20 lifestyle magazines later and you're still scratching your head. 

Looking for inspiration, you take a walk into the local village. Suddenly, you stop in your tracks. What's that smell? You find yourself stood outside the local florist, taking in the most beautiful, delicate but fresh scent. That's it! But what is it? You rush in and speak to the young florist who guides you to the Jasmine. The connection was instant. It wasn't a tangible thing, it was a feeling that the room was missing. You take some home, move the expensive coffee table centre piece and replace it proudly with the Jasmine. The room is suddenly complete. You feel fresh, relaxed, and ready for the next project!

  • Signature crackling wooden wick. FSC Certified. Relaxation guaranteed.
  • Handmade, hand poured, highly fragranced. Meticulous levels of quality assured.
  • 40 - 45 hour burn time
  • 200g net weight
  • Comes with stylish presentation box, perfect for gift giving. 
  • Fully tracked, signature required, courier delivery for peace of mind. 
  • Glass Dimensions: 80mm top diameter, 75mm base diameter, 90mm tall
  • Box Dimension: 87mm wide, 87mm, deep, 102mm high

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